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27-Year-Old Eugene Cady Sentenced to 42 Years in Prison for Gang Murder of Kason Wilson

Eugene Cady_Photo Courtesy of New Jersey Department of Corrections
Eugene Cady_Photo Courtesy of New Jersey Department of Corrections

By Elle O.

Superior Court Judge Robert Kirsch sentenced Eugene Cady to 42 years in prison after he was convicted of murdering a member of a rival gang. The strong sentencing comes from an effort on the judge’s part to be as stern as possible to deter gang violence.

The incident for which he was convicted happened on August 21, 2011. Around 11 at night, police found the body of Kason Wilson, 24, on Union Street in Linden. Eugene Cady was part of the “Rollin’ 30s” set of the Crips, in Roselle, Kason Wilson was part of the “G-Shine” set of the Bloods in Linden. Aside from belonging to rival gangs, the homicide was seemingly unprovoked. Eugene Cady allegedly just walked up to Kason Wilson and shot him in the head and chest. When Wilson’s body was found, he was already dead.

Around the time of the murder, gang shootings were becoming increasingly prominent in the areas around Elizabeth, Linden, and Roselle.

The trial lasted six weeks before the jury turned over a guilty conviction. During the trial, an inmate and several others testified to the fact that Cady had even bragged about the shooting.

Cady must serve 85 percent of his sentence before he is eligible for parole, that is, over 35 years.

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Photo: Courtesy of New Jersey Department of Corrections