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Convicted Bank Robber Bruce Wayne Higgins of Virginia Pleads Guilty to Robbing Four More Banks

Bruce Wayne Higgins_Photo Courtesy of Ocean City Police Department
Bruce Wayne Higgins_Photo Courtesy of Ocean City Police Department

By Giselle Ocampo

In Camden federal court, Bruce Wayne Higgins, 43, of Herndon, Virginia, plead guilty to the charges brought against him of bank robbery at four separate locations. In December 2016, he robbed two banks in New Jersey and two in Maryland.

In the span of a week, Higgins robbed the following banks:
1. Howard Bank, Baltimore, MD (December 10)
2. Northwest Bank, Baltimore, MD (December 13)
3. TD Bank N.A.,Ocean City, NJ (December 15)
4. Wells Fargo Bank, Atlantic City (December 16)

At the TD Bank robbery, he passed a note to the teller that stated: “GUN IN Pocket, MONEY NOW or- BANG.” Using the surveillance video from the bank, officials were able to end out a bulletin to warn others.

The next day when Higgins walked into another TD Bank, in Atlantic City this time, one of the tellers recognized him and rang for the alarm. As Higgins got into a cab, officials followed him to the next location, the Wells Fargo, where he proceeded to pass a note to the teller, much like the one from the day before and take cash.

Higgins was caught as he was exiting the Wells Fargo he had just robbed, he had over $1,100 on him.

Higgins has a previous conviction from 2009 of robberies in Virginia. He is scheduled for sentencing on October 6, 2017. He faces up to 20 years in prison and under the plea deal must pay back the money he stole.

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Photo: Courtesy of Ocean City Police Department